Mats Repair


Air Conditioning

Preseason air conditioning checkup for light or semi trucks only $95. Included: AC clean system, AC check leaks, AC check filters, AC charge.


We provide full tire service. Whether you have a flat or if you need a replacement, here at MATS we do it all.

We will work with your fleet to identify the proper new tire for your particular type of service and areas of operation.

Our goal is to provide your fleet with the right tire for the job given your unique operational needs and financial concerns.

We provide quality retreaded products and services for all segments of the commercial tire market.

Oil Change

Need an oil change? Then you've come to the right place. At MATS we use high quality Rotella brand oil to lubricate:

  • transmission
  • differential
  • truck engines

If you are looking for an affortable oil change with high quality service MATS is the place for you. Our staff quickly changes the oil and lubes any necessary parts in record time. We provide convenient, efficient and hassle-free service.


Engine trouble? Just give us at Midway Auto Truck Service a call.


Is your transmission stuck? Does it jerk out of your hand when you're changing gears? Then come to one of the best truck repair shops in the Chicago area - MATS.

Here we use high quality Weller brand transmission, gear boxes, differentials, driveshafts, and more, to make changing gears easier than ever before.


Ever get the feeling that it's taking longer and longer for your truck to brake? Our MATS shop uses Meritor, one of the highest quality brands of brakes on the market.


Is your windshield cracked by any chance? Tired of waiting for a replacement? Then you've come to the right place. At MATS we have on-site windshield replacement compatible for all types of trucks.


At MATS our specialty is repairing the vehicle to a state where you feel safe driving in it. Our periodical technical check-ups make sure your vehicle meets DOT standards.